Most common conditions treated through online doctor consultations

If you don't want to waste time in waiting rooms of hospitals, use telemedicine. There are many conditions that can easily be treated online.

Most common conditions treated through online doctor consultations
Viktor Simunović, Viktor Simunović
14 May 2024.

Patients are visiting clinics less frequently while increasingly consulting doctors online. Telemedicine offers the possibility of treating many ailments without leaving the comfort of home. Statistically, these are the most common conditions successfully treated remotely.

Respiratory diseases

Online doctor consultations became especially popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. People consulted doctors online or via phone whenever possible to protect themselves from this highly dangerous virus. Governments worldwide have also advised the transition of as much of the healthcare system as possible to online platforms.

Telemedicine has proven very effective in treating serious respiratory diseases. Such conditions are very common, so they are at the top of those treated online. You no longer need to schedule an appointment and waste time in medical facilities for a simple cough.

Flu and the common cold

Flu and the common cold are seasonal illnesses that generally do not require hospital treatment. Getting medication to reduce fever, a note for school or work, and a few tips on how to speed up recovery are sufficient. This can easily be obtained online with a 15-minute consultation with a doctor.

Skin diseases

Skin diseases can be very uncomfortable. Itching, acne, and changes in skin color and texture make patients feel uneasy around other people. There is also a belief that such diseases are highly contagious.

Hence, it is easier to show the problem to a doctor via video call. In the case of skin diseases, it is crucial to have a good camera with high resolution and good lighting. Even small nuances in skin color or the shape of acne can indicate a completely different disease. Therefore, the doctor must have a good view of the affected area on the skin.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Speaking of stigmas, sexually transmitted diseases probably stigmatize a person the most. No one wants to be seen entering such a clinic. Therefore, telemedicine is beneficial for patients suffering from or suspecting such a disease.

With the help of telemedicine platforms, patients can discreetly, without anyone knowing, check their condition related to sexually transmitted diseases. They can get a prescription for testing if necessary and, in some cases, even a diagnosis. All of this can be done from the privacy of their home.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol

Chronic diseases need to be regularly monitored and kept under control. It is very tiring to regularly visit the doctor and waste time in waiting rooms for a simple check-up. Therefore, chronic patients often opt for telemedicine.

Online consultations with a doctor can be quickly and easily arranged at a time that suits the patient. The doctor can quickly get an insight into the state of the chronic disease, conduct an examination, and prescribe further therapy.

Mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression

People with mental health issues like depression or anxiety find it difficult to leave the safety and peace of their home and go to a clinic for treatment. Especially because someone they know might see them. Therefore, they often avoid treatment until the illness begins to seriously affect their life.

Milder forms of mental illness can be very successfully treated with medication like antidepressants or through conversations with a psychologist or psychiatrist, all of which can be done via telemedicine platforms.


Allergies are unpleasant but, in many cases, harmless if controlled. Prescriptions for antihistamines can be easily and quickly obtained online. If they do not help or the allergy worsens with new symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor. In such cases, it is usually sufficient to arrange an online consultation and explain the new problems to the doctor so that they can prescribe therapy.

Minor injuries, insect bites and stings, etc.

For minor injuries like bruises or cuts, hospital treatment is generally not necessary. However, it is good to consult a doctor online to see if stitches or other treatments are needed.

In the case of insect bites or stings, the doctor can examine the affected area or even the insect via video call and provide advice on further action.

When to visit a doctor?

Although telemedicine is very powerful and practical, there are many situations when a doctor's visit is necessary.

In any emergency situation, a doctor should be visited or called when waiting for a consultation is not an option. Large wounds that cannot be quickly stopped from bleeding with improvised means or fractures also require a hospital visit.

A doctor should be visited in case of any sudden worsening of chronic diseases or allergies, bites from large animals, suicidal thoughts, diseases affecting large areas of the body, and generally, anything that can worsen the patient's health or endanger their life.

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