How to get a doctor's note online?

When we are unable to go to work or school due to illness, we need a doctor's note. With telemedicine, you can get it fast and without leaving your home.

How to get a doctor's note online?
Viktor Simunović, Viktor Simunović
15 Jan 2024.

In the fast-paced digital age, convenience and efficiency have become paramount in all aspects of life, including healthcare. This shift towards online channels stems from saving precious time and avoiding lengthy clinic waits to maintaining privacy and balancing hectic schedules.

You can get a doctor's note online. Now, you don't have to waste precious time in waiting rooms or adjust your schedule. Telehealth can help you get it fast and when convenient for you.

Steps to get a doctor's note

  • Choose a reliable telehealth platform like EUDoctor
  • Book a consultation
  • Talk about your symptoms with the doctor
  • The doctor will look at your medical history (anamnesis) to see if you have any chronic conditions, allergies, etc.
  • When the doctor finds a diagnosis, he will asses whether your condition requires absence from school or work
  • If it does require absence, the doctor will write you a sick note for a specific period
  • If necessary, book another consultation after this period for additional check-ups, or if your condition worsens
  • A doctor can issue another sick note if your condition requires

What is a doctor's note?

A doctor's note, a medical certificate or sick note, is a document from a healthcare provider that provides evidence that a person has seen a doctor due to illness or injury. It often states that the individual is not well enough to work or attend school. It may also recommend how long the individual needs to be away.

Do I need to pay for a doctor's note to get it online?

No. If you use a telehealth platform, you only pay for a consultation with your doctor. A sick note will be issued to you for free.

Is an online doctor's note legit?

It is legitimate if the note is from a licensed medical professional who has evaluated the patient through a telemedicine consultation.

However, there are also fraudulent sites offering fake doctor's notes, which is illegal and unethical. Always verify the source and remember that legitimate medical professionals must comply with privacy laws and ethical guidelines just like EUDoctor does.

Is there an app to get a doctor's note for work?

Sure. You are not limited to desktop or laptop computers. EUDoctor has an Android and iOS app to get doctor's notes online for work.

Can doctor's notes be emailed?

Yes, they can. When you finish with the consultation and the doctor asses that your condition requires absence from work, he can send your sick note by email.

What does a legit doctor's note look like?

A legitimate doctor's note usually contains the following elements:

  1. Date and time of consultation
  2. Patient's name
  3. Medical advice: This is the part where the doctor briefly explains the patient's medical situation and what needs to be done. This could include advice to rest, to avoid certain activities, or to take specific medication.
  4. Period of absence
  5. Signature
  6. Stamp/seal

Can I get a doctor's note after being sick?

It depends. Doctor's notes are usually issued as soon as symptoms appear. Sometimes, when a person cannot contact a doctor, it can be given two days later.

Be careful of fake sick notes

The sick note is a legal document, and forging it can lead to consequences like job termination or legal repercussions. If an employer suspects that a sick note is forged, he can challenge the authenticity.

It is much more convenient to book a consultation with EUDoctor and legally get your doctor's note.

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