Telehealth appointment - how to prepare yourself for the first visit

You have decided to book an online doctor consultation on the EUDoctor platform. This is a very good choice to quickly receive top health services without wasting time in waiting rooms. Your time is valuable.

Telehealth appointment - how to prepare yourself for the first visit
Viktor Simunović, Viktor Simunović
28 Aug 2023.

Since every minute counts, what can you do to ensure that this appointment passes as smoothly as possible and with maximum efficiency? Here are a few easy tips.

How do you make a telehealth appointment?

Choose whether you want to use your computer for consultations or you want to download a mobile application for your tablet or cell phone.

Choose the service you want.

Fill out the form and wait for confirmation of your term. You will get a ticket where you can write what treatment or medicine you need so the doctor knows how to prepare himself.

How do I prepare for a telehealth session?

  1. Find suitable place

    Ensure that there are no distractions during telehealth sessions. Find a quiet, well-lit space where you can talk undisturbed and the doctor can see you clearly.
  2. Check your equipment

    Ensure that your mobile phone or tablet is fully charged. If you use a computer, turn it on so it has time to boot. Connect the device to a reliable and fast enough internet connection. Test run application and connect a few minutes earlier to tackle any last-minute hiccups. Be prepared to write down important information the doctor will tell you like what medicine or therapy you should take, when the next appointment, exercises, diet, and anything that concerns your health. So pen and paper should be nearby.
  3. Prepare the necessary information for the doctor

    Write down what therapy and medications you currently use. Prepare your medical history and current symptoms or if there are some changes in your medical condition since your last visit. Check your weight and temperature. Dress accordingly to show the doctor part of your body or skin if you have a rash. Also, it is good to prepare a flashlight if the doctor needs to look at your throat.

And when the meeting finally starts...

Basically, there is no difference between online doctor consultations and in-person meetings with your physician. So think of it that way. Dress comfortably and be focused on consultations. Try not to do any errands during the meeting.

Telehealth gained much popularity during the coronavirus pandemic when people stayed at home to avoid being infected. Today it is a growing type of medical service because of its convenience.

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