Online doctor consultations, the doctor is just a click away.

EUDoctor provides online doctor consultations, issuing e-prescriptions, paper prescriptions, and sick notes. Affordable, convenient healthcare by phone or video. Book an appointment and get a doctor's help or advice from our team of experts led by M.D. Viktor Simunović.

Online doctor consultations, the doctor is just a click away. Web consultations or Mobile App, your choice!
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Quick service for our patients

No waiting in line to visit a doctor. Book your appointment and get the exact time for a video or call with your doctor.

Accessible healthcare for everyone

Get professional care or therapy for just a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. Online doctor is especially convenient for older or disabled people.

No need for health insurance

If you don’t have health insurance, no problem. You will get the same treatment as people who do have.
Find answers to questions people usually ask about online doctor and telehealth.

Telehealth FAQ

Download our mobile app and book an appointment.

Download our mobile app and book an appointment.

With our innovative App you are just a click away from your EU doctor. Download our mobile app for free and find right service for you.
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